The master-slave hot standby of databese of wordpress

Introduction The master-slave hot standby of database could improve the data security, stability, and efficient transmission of wordpress. Configuration of steps 1 configure my.cnf in salve vps server-id need different from the master replicate-do-db: the database you want to syn [crayon-5c15d956a2efc867378267/] 2 input SHOW MASTER STATUS; in the master and remember the file and position [crayon-5c15d956a2f09330779134/] 3 input CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_HOST in the slave address: your database address port: your database port File: your begin file (mysql-bin.000004) Position: begin position (23033) [crayon-5c15d956a2f0d497296724/] 4 input SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G in the slave database if Slave_IO_Running and Slave_SQL_Running is yes that is successful [crayon-5c15d956a2f11455318139/]